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fb Jersey Beneficial Ownership Register

An app for submitting Jersey Beneficial Ownership Registry updates electronically.

The Jersey Beneficial Ownership Register went on line in 2017 and our app provides support for making new submissions and updates through the JFSC Registry’s API functionality. Data is prepared on our spreadsheet data collector, is validated before submission and submissions are tracked and recorded for a full Audit Trail history.  We are working on host system integrations to enable data to be collected directly from your database sources.

Easy Data Preparation

Use our standard data collection spreadsheets or integration with host systems*.

Encrypted Data

To maximise security of data in transit all data is encrypted.

Certified Solution

Fb-JBOR is certified by the JFSC.

Site Certification

Site certification tools built in.  The software is complete with a certification mode enabling financial institutions to certify the solution with JFSC automatically at the press of a button.

Easy to Deploy

Easy to deploy and run.  Fb-JBOR features a lightweight app that will be installed on PCs running Microsoft Windows. Data is managed in Microsoft SQL Server – the free to licence Express Edition is satisfactory.  Technical details and prerequisites available on request.

Simple Licencing

Easy Licence and Support agreement. Software is licensed on a Software as a Service (SaaS) annual licence and support agreement. Software support, updates and enhancements are inclusive in the agreement.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates manual paper based submissions with more accurate and efficient electronic submissions. 
  • Audit Trail and central record of Register Updates – enables demonstrable legal compliance.

What’s new

  • 2018 update supports additional methods and new entity type classifications as introduced.
  • Support for Registry API data look up tools to verify listings.

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