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fb Document Management System

Manage documents and electronic objects securely, integrated with the Flyingboat Wealth Management Software or as a standalone.

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fb-Document Management System (fb-DMS) is an evolution of the fb Reporting Hub a repository for documents and reports generated by Flyingboat Wealth Management Software.  Expanded to manage documents and electronic assets from any source like emails, scanned correspondence and electronic documents,  fb-DMS will help you take control of your document storage requirements whilst benefiting from the context linking of those documents to relevant records in Flyingboat Wealth Management System

Context Linking

From data item in fb-WMS click through to the supporting document – e.g. from a record of CDD Identification verification element to see the image of identity

Report Filing

Reports, Minutes, Invoices all captured automatically into the fb-DMS filed against the client self populating the meta data for general searching

Metadata Searching

Browse and retrieve documents through key word searching, metadata category data and other search tools.
fb DMS

Most proprietary document management systems are simply a collection of documents that are organised and retrieved according to searching metadata associated with a document when it was filed or searching for words or phrases within electronic documents.  Whilst this may solve the paper filing cabinet issue it is weak when used in conjunction with a fiduciary system which generates specific documents and reports and needs to store them in relation to specific data elements held in the database. Fb-DMS addresses this by combining a general purpose Document Management function with context specific document linking from Fb-WMS.

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